Explore Stride's Minimal API: A Code-Only Approach

With only 12 lines of code, you can kickstart your game development journey in Stride 3D using the Stride Community Toolkit, as illustrated in the example below (plus some usings at the top).

This method is compatible with Stride version 4.1 and later.

Follow the steps outlined in the Stride Community Toolkit to get started.

Check out the related tweet for more insights.

using Stride.CommunityToolkit.Extensions;
using Stride.CommunityToolkit.ProceduralModels;
using Stride.Core.Mathematics;
using Stride.Engine;

using var game = new Game();

game.Run(start: (Scene rootScene) =>

    var entity = game.CreatePrimitive(PrimitiveModelType.Capsule);

    entity.Transform.Position = new Vector3(0, 8, 0);

    entity.Scene = rootScene;


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