Visual Studio Intro

3rd April 2021

This Intro should help you to familiarise quickly with the key and essential Visual Studio (VS) functionality. The VS Integrated Development Environment (IDE) might look overwhelming in the beginning but there is no need to know everything. More you work with VS you will start discovering what you need and you will eventually understand the complexity of VS.

C# Visual Studio Beginner

Jazor Experiment

31st October 2020

Jazor is a JavaScript helper library for ASP.NET Core websites which takes common and repeated workflow scenarios to simple actions. It is crossing some Blazor and SPA functionality as well. It is useful if you are using intensively ASP.NET Core Views and Partial Views, avoiding any JSON.

TypeScript ASP.NET Core Advance

Visual Studio Debugger Enumerable Visualizer

11th June 2019

Visual Studio Debugger Enumerable Visualizer without any [Serialize] attribute, using Json was an experiment to get a better experience when debugging IEnumerables.

C# Visual Studio

Configuration Experiment in ASP.NET Core – RemoteJsonFile

1st June 2019

This is an experiment project to access appsettings.json from Azure Blob or any remote url. I will use public access to this Azure file considering no user secrets are included in this file. You would need to add additional options to secure your link if any user secrets are transmitted.